Nerve tested

Test position and sequence

Median nerve

shoulder is stabilized, Shoulder abduction, wrist and finger extension, forearm supination, shoulder external rotation, elbow extension, cervical side flexion

Radial nerve

shoulder depression, elbow extension, medial rotation of whole arm, wrist, finger, and thumb flexion

Ulnar nerve

Shoulder depression, shoulder abduction, shoulder external rotation, wrist and finger extension, elbow flexion, shoulder abduction

Sciatic nerve

Supine lying, medial hip rotation, then flexion with knee extended

Supine lying, medial hip rotation, and then flexion with knee extended, ankle planter flexion and foot inversion.

Femoral nerve

Patient lying prone, affected knee full flexed and maintained for 45 seconds if full flexion cannot be performed, the hip may be brought into extension. A positive test shows shooting pain