Project Sector


Ng’ombe Settlement

Water Supply

Provision of clean drinking water

- Pilot project with 70 m deep borehole

- Creation of Water Trust to manage water extraction, treatment, distribution and maintenance

Road & Drainage

Road and side ditches

- 1st priority road of 630 metres

Income Generation

Micro-credit scheme

- Human Settlements Zambia (HUZA) is still working in the settlement

- CARE PULSE program initiated by CARE International-Zambia

Health & Sanitation

Environmental health and sanitation education program

- Construction of community health post

Home latrine development program

- Community health education & school health service

Family planning services

A planned parenthood initiative to offer family health services in the settlement


Community school enhancement

- Construction of a basic school facility by govt.

- Zambia Open Community Schools (ZOCS)

- Church supported community Schools