Target layer A

Integrated layer B

Project level C

Factor layer D

The index system of tourism value evaluation (A)

Building ontology value (B1)

Historical value (C1)

Construction time (D1)

Historical figures and events (D2)

Social and historical background (D3)

Artistic value (C2)

Architectural style (D4)

Beauty/sense of wonder (D5)

Architectural detail and decoration technology (D6)

Scientific value (C3)

Building materials (D7)

Building technology (D8)

Spatial distribution (D9)

Building scale (D10)

Cultural value (C4)

Cultural convergence (D11)

Culture type (D12)

Emotional value (C5)

Religious worship (D13)

Architectural identity (D14)

Reputation (D15)

Pragmatic value (C6)

History education/science popularization significance (D16)

Architectural openness (D17)

Tourism development value (B2)

Environmental value (C7)

Tourism environmental capacity (D18)

Landscape region combination (D19)

Landmark (D20)

The role of environment and landscape formation (D21)

Conservation status (C8)

Conservation level (D22)

Protection technology level (D23)

Building integrity (D24)

The building of authenticity (D25)

Development conditions (C9)

Accessible property (D26)

Supporting tourism facilities (D27)

Cost of building repair and maintenance (D28)

Ecological environment (D29)