Curriculum module

Ability training of solving complex engineering problems

Ability cultivation considering non-technical factors


Foundation class

Be able to apply multi-disciplinary knowledge and its basic principles, select and use appropriate modern tools, and systematically identify, research, express, analyze and solve complex engineering problems.

Have the ability to learn and adapt to the development of inertial navigation and measurement and control technology.


Professional category

Be able to research, design, develop, evaluate and implement complex engineering systems innovatively.

The social responsibility consciousness of the feasibility analysis and social impact of complex engineering solutions, the consciousness of environmental protection and sustainable development, the ability of communication and communication, the ability of engineering management and economic decision-making, the ability of independent learning and lifelong learning.


engineering practice

To cultivate students’ ability of complex engineering system design and development, modern tool application, engineering practice and innovation.

The ability to analyze the feasibility of solutions to complex engineering problems and the social responsibility consciousness of social impact, the consciousness of environmental protection and sustainable development, the professional quality of engineers, the ability of organization and management, the ability of teamwork and cooperation, the ability of communication and exchange, the ability of project management, and the ability of lifelong learning.



To cultivate the students’ ability of literature research and experimental analysis, engineering consciousness, cooperation spirit and the ability of comprehensive application of the knowledge learned to solve practical problems.

Ability of organization and management, team cooperation and communication.