Available for Kosovo (or North Macedonia)

Type of grant

Field of research

Targeting groups

Source of financing

National Science Foundation

Education and Human Resources Program


Research on learning, facilitating the translation of research into practice, supportive learning environments, networking, partnerships, alliances and collaborations

Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education

Scientists, technicians, engineers, mathematicians and educators

(teachers) that have access to

the ideas and tools of science, engineering and education, educational institutions

United State of America (USA) government

Graduate Education Program


Fellowships, innovative, science and engineering research and innovation, professional careers, traineeship: research-based master’s and doctoral degree programs develop skills, knowledge and competencies, scholarships in cybersecurity, research ? related careers and partnership development

Science, technology, engineering

And mathematics (STEM)

education (fields)

Graduate students, minorities, persons with disabilities, veterans, master and doctoral students, scientists, engineers, colleges, universities, young researchers and educational institutions

USA government

Research on Learning in Formal and Informal Settings Program


Innovative and educational research and practice, development, evaluation of learning and teaching, educational sciences and technologies, research and learning infrastructure, human learning in STEM; learning in STEM learning environments, STEM workforce development, and research on broadening participation in STEM

STEM education (fields)

Scientists, engineers, educators, innovators, students, individuals of all ages and backgrounds through self-directed STEM learning experiences, teachers, independent (individual) and team researchers, educational institutions, private and public institutions, universities

USA government