Research field


Research field #1

There is a shortage of elaborated knowledge about the decomposition pathways implicated, the effect of running factors on ECs elimination, reaction kinetics and reactor conception for excellent efficiency.

Research field #2

Amalgamation of present treatment setups with nanoscale science and technology.

Research field #3

Dares related to wastewater sample preparations, analytical methods and validation protocols for the reliable analysis of ECs in complicated environmental samples [101] [102] .

Research field #4

Reduction efficiency of various WWTP techniques at changing working situations has to be re-estimated employing appropriate sampling procedures.

Research field #5

Employing solar irradiation has to be examined as a substitutional AOP technique for diminishing the prices of huge-scale commercial implementations.

Research field #6

Composite techniques founded on merged chemical and biological treatment methods (like UV photolysis in the existence of H2O2 pursued by MBR or biological activated carbon, ozonation in the existence of H2O2 pursued by MBR or biological activated carbon, photo-Fenton pursued by MBR or biological activated carbon) have to be more tried.

Research field #7

Integrating physical methods (like gamma radiation and ultrasound with adsorption on activated carbon) may as well be performed inside the actual wastewater treatment setups [103] [104] .

Research field #8

Ferrate method is a comparatively green technology and has to be more widely investigated for industrial-scale utilizations [105] [106] [107] [108] .

Research field #9

Fresh comprehension in genetic engineering has to be inserted to choose and develop the most efficient microbes for decomposing ECs, which will decrease hydraulic contact period and economize capital cost in reactor conception.

Research field #10

The hardiness and feasibility of full-scale chemical oxidation techniques require to be widely studied to guarantee ECs elimination performances and reduce poisonous by-products [109] .