Activity unit

Activity goal


1) Mutual understanding

The members know each other, establish mutual trust, establish group norms, and stimulate individual interest in others.

Meet the joy, the wind blows, the money, the snowball, the stick, and the signing of the group.

2) know yourself

Through self-reflection and deep thinking, dialogue with the soul in a calm atmosphere, looking for the true self.

Big trees and squirrels, “eggs, chickens, people and gods”, who I am, the golden years, the journey of true self, the favorite of the house, unit feedback

3) accept yourself

After getting a self-assessment after deep reflection and reflection, combine the other people’s objective evaluation of themselves, accept their strengths and weaknesses, and be willing to accept themselves.

First impression, positive meaning, selling myself―I am very good, the advantage is bombing, I can be the ideal, Unit feedback (self-esteem scale)

4) Develop yourself

After accepting the shortcomings, it is important to reduce or avoid the bad influences and consequences brought by the shortcomings, experience to fully face its shortcomings and dare to challenge it, and conquer it finally, develop and perfect its personality.

Grab the stool, learn to bravely say “no”, “who said that I can’t!”, Mystery message box, unit feedback (personal evaluation questionnaire)

5) communicate with you and me

I met myself, accepted myself, and developed my task afterward to have a good interpersonal relationship. Learn to put yourself in a group and get to know yourself in the group.

Fighting ahead, rear support, blindness, communication without limits, trust fall, unit feedback (interpersonal trust scale)

6) Take care and say goodbye

Looking back at the experience and experience of the previous five activities, by giving back to each other, knowing their growth and change in the group, and bidding farewell to each other.

Team rhythm, music relaxation, filling out questionnaires (group satisfaction self-rating and post-testing), dating family, cherish, goodbye (main interview)