Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx

To measure longitude, latitude and elevation of wells

EC Meter

Hanna HI 98304/HI98303

To measure Electrical Conductivity of water.

pH Meter

Hanna HI 98127/HI98107

To measure pH of water.

Water level indicator

Solinst Model 102M

To indicate static water levels of water in wells

Measuring Tape

Weighted measuring tape

Measurement of well diameter and depth.

Digital Thermometer

Extech 39240 (−50˚C to 200˚C)

To measure temperature of water

Total Dissolved Solid meter

Hanna HI 96301 with ATC

To measure Total dissolved solids in water

Water sampler

Gallenkampf 1000 ml

To collect well water sample from well

Sample bottles

Polystyrene 500 ml

To hold sample for onward transmission to laboratory

Global Mapper

Version 15

GIS Geolocation of wells

Surfer Golden Software

Version 12

GIS plotting contours for spatial distribution


Version 1.5

For the analysis/interpretation of water chemistry