Target layer

Criteria layer

Indicator layer

Index system for influencing factors of hidden costs in the construction phase of construction projects A

Management factor B1

Initiative for staff work C1

Information flow control level C2

Professional competence and technical level C3

Information collection, organization and analysis capabilities C4

Subcontract management C5

Mechanical equipment repair and maintenance C6

Leadership decision level C7

The degree of perfection of the system and mechanism C8

Information transfer rate C9

Safety production management C10

Management organizational structure design C11

Technical factor B2

Quality assurance C12

Construction schedule C13

Duration guarantee C14

Determination of major construction steps and technical plans C15

Construction deployment and selection of construction methods C16

Construction site layout C17

Construction machinery and equipment selection C18

Contract factor B3

Progress payment amount C19

Project changes C20

Pad production C21

Timeliness of claim C22

Material equipment supply C23

Contract clause modification C24

Social environmental factors B4

Change in raw material prices C25

force majeure C26

Changes in laws and regulations C27

Industry policy adjustment C28

Engineering geological conditions C29

Inflation C30

Social security around the project C31