Natural Places


Location (Uitoto)

Location (Tikuna)


Reserved areas. It is not allowed hunting, fishing, collecting, sowing, clearance, deforestation, wood cutting, these sites were inhabited by creators.

Cananguchales, streams, lakes, ponds, mountains, saltlicks, origin sites (chorera place), cemeteries, hills.

Cananguchales, streams, lakes (Chica, largo, Tigre, Julio, Sabalo), mountains, saltlicks, origin sites (Eware river), cemeteries, hills (Bue, Kwapu, Yoyoene, Twirupw).


It is not allowed to enter without the permission of its spiritual owners, through clean, purification and harmonization rituals.

Cerro del Diablo, Chorro Nofko, cananguchales, streams, rivers, huecadas, lakes, ponds, saltlicks.

Tarapatolake, Amacayacu and Amazonas river, lagarto cocha stream, Mkarepu loma, Bougunelagoon, Moruapu aguajal.