Influencing factor number

Influencing factor

Construction party influence factors

X 1

Project organization structure design

X 2

Subcontract management

X 3

The degree of perfection of the system and mechanism

X 4

Information transfer rate

X 5

Quality and technical level of personnel

X 6

Safety production management

X 7

Construction schedule

X 8

Selection of construction plan

X 9

Mechanical equipment repair and maintenance

X 10

Construction site layout

X 11

Construction machinery selection

X 12

Initiative for staff work

Owner’s influence factor

X 13

project changes

X 14

Progress payment amount

X 15

The reward and punishment mechanism is unfair

X 16

Unreasonable construction quality requirements

X 17

Incomplete procedures

Designer influence factor

X 18

Unreasonable design

X 19

Insufficient design

X 20

Pattern delivery lag