Climatic Conditions



Soil Quality

Extreme Heat

Weeds are not removed to prevent soil from drying

Plant other crops resistant to heat like peanuts, beans, upo, mongo and squash

Use crop rotation

Proper farm management

In between cropping


Manual irrigation of crops

Replacement of crops affected by heat and pests

Spray with pesticides

Manual removal of pests and molds

No planting until the rain comes

Plant again

Take loans or credits

Buy and sell other crops to augment income

Prepare the area for the upcoming rain

Plow the field to soften the soil

Extreme Rainfall

Plant crops resistant to rain

Improve the irrigation system

Proper timing of crops based on planting season

Manual removal of pests and sucklings

Spray crops with pesticides

Look for alternative livelihood

Buy and sell other goods a or products

Just allow the soil to get carried away by the rain


Plant creeping or low growing crops during typhoon season

Prayer so that typhoon will not come and change its way

Early harvest of crops that are already matured

Plant crops that can be harvested for a shorter period of time

Ask for assistance from the Department of Agriculture

Provide a stronger support to crops planted with trellis

Replace the destroyed crops

Trimming of leaves

Harvest the fallen or destroyed crops

Plant alternative crops like root crops


Early Onset of Rainy Days

Choose seedlings resistant to rain

Use intercropping

Allow the crops to sprout again (saringsing)


None because of good yield or income


Delay Onset of Rainy Days

Choose a variety of crops resilient to heat

Use intercropping technology

Wait for the rainy days to come

Manually water the crops morning and afternoon

Replace destroyed crops

Diversion to other livelihood activities


La Nina

Provide a wider space for the excess water to come out of the field

Select a variety of crops suited to the climate

Harvest the crops early so that it will not get rotten


Plant again


Allow the plants to decay

El Nino

Plant crops resilient to heat

Use crop rotation

Grow livestock as alternative source of income

Manually water the crops

Remove the suckling

Clean up the area before replanting