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Management factors

Staff management

Staff training and staff assessment can make the work more standardized and safe.

Daily management

To ensure the normal functioning of the management area and identify risk factors

Emergency evacuation management

Based on emergency plan, it is the key to

successful evacuation.

Emergency response

Employee emergency response ability

Employee emergency response ability can buy valuable time for emergency evacuation.

Fire control level

Fire and smoke control facilities will change the fire development process and strive for evacuation time.

Emergency assistance facilities

Important facilities for guiding passengers to evacuate smoothly during evacuation.

Architectural factors


Where congestion first occurs during evacuation.

Automatic fare gate

Width is small and can easily lead to blocking.


The key to successful evacuation is the direct access of the subway to the outside world.

Personnel factors

Passenger flow characteristics

High density and uneven distribution affect evacuation process.

Passenger’s non-adaptive behavior

It is easy to cause secondary accidents such as trampling.

Staff quality

Determine the performance of employees in emergency rescue, directly determine whether the evacuation is successful or not.