Fire control level

Automatic fire alarm system

A48 When a fire occurs, the automatic alarm system can promptly remind the station personnel to prepare for evacuation and reduce evacuation time.

Emergency assistance facilities

Emergency lighting facilities

A57 South Korea Daegu Subway Fire Accident, Subway Station blackened after power failure, emergency lighting facilities and exit guiding lights did not light up

Evacuation instruction

A20 Evacuation signs can make passengers clear evacuation routes and make my command and management in evacuation more smoothly and smoothly.

Broadcasting system

A07 The broadcast announcement during evacuation can help me to know more about the next work, and also let passengers know the accident situation and prepare for evacuation quickly.


Number of stairs/escalators

A66 Stairs/escalators are the first areas where people are blocked during evacuation. The number of stairs/escalators will directly affect emergency evacuation.

Width of


A77 The minimum width of one-way stairs and two-way stairs in subway station is 1.8 m and 2.4 m respectively. The minimum width of stairs arranged side by side with escalators is 1.2 m.

Automatic fare gate

Number of automatic fare gate

A71 The gate is narrow and can only be evacuated by one person at a time, so the design of the number of gates must meet the evacuation time.

Type of automatic fare gate

A86 The maximum throughput of the three-bar gate is 20 persons/min, and that of the threshold gate is 30 persons/min.


Number of exit

A39 The number of entrances and exits to each floor in each public area shall not be less than 2

Width of exit

A28 The width of each entrance and exit shall be determined by multiplying 1.1 - 1.25 non-uniform coefficient of the directional design passenger flow in the forward or passenger flow control period.

Passenger flow characteristics

Passenger flow distribution

A155 Every time I stand on the platform, I remind passengers to walk in the middle and not to gather at the doors near the stairway entrance.

Passenger flow density

A136 Every morning rush and evening rush hour I work a lot because there are so many people.

Passenger’s non-adaptive Behavior

Herd behavior

A106 During the evacuation process, passengers tend to go to crowded places. I must guide the flow of passengers so that the number of passengers evacuated at each exit is equal.

Reentry behavior

A97 In the process of evacuation, individual passengers will turn back for searching due to the loss of goods and other reasons, resulting in conflict and blockage of human flow.