Raw data

Staff management

Staff training

A33 I don’t know much about some applause systems, and I don’t know how to implement them.

Staff assessment

A101 Employee assessment can know the level of employee safety knowledge and improve employee safety skills.

Daily management

Risk classification control

A02 For industries prone to major accidents, double preventive working mechanisms should be adopted, i.e. risk classification control, hidden danger investigation and treatment.

Publicity of emergency evacuation knowledge

A71 Eye-catching emergency evacuation knowledge slogans can help passengers understand the correct evacuation steps and improve evacuation efficiency and safety.

Emergency simulation exercise

A16 Emergency simulation exercises can help me better understand my role in emergency evacuation

Implementation of management system

A117 It is necessary to confirm the implementation of the Subway Management System in order to avoid the tragedy caused by non-compliance with the system.

Emergency evacuation management

Effectiveness of emergency plan

A47 Whether the preparation of emergency plan is reasonable and whether it can play the greatest role in the process of emergency evacuation is the key to emergency evacuation.

Establishment of emergency evacuation organization

A123 The rational allocation of emergency evacuation organization personnel includes whether the division of functions of the organization personnel is clear, and whether the division of functions of the organization personnel is reasonable is the premise of successful evacuation.

Emergency evacuation resource allocation

A159 The rational allocation of emergency evacuation resources provides a solid foundation for emergency evacuation work

Employee emergency response ability

Rapid response capability

A103 Response should be made in the first time after the accident happened, and the time for rescue and evacuation should be strived for.

Field command capability

A27 In the process of emergency evacuation, managers’ on-site command ability is the key to successful evacuation.

Fire control level

Automatic sprinkler system

A13 After the fire accident in Daegu Subway, South Korea, there was no automatic sprinkler system in the carriage, which led to the rapid spread of the fire and heavy casualties.

Fire extinguishing facilities

A137 Fire extinguisher is an important equipment for controlling fire spread and eliminating fire when a fire occurs in a subway station.

Ventilation and smoke exhaust system

A121 When a fire occurs, the ventilation and smoke exhaust system can continuously discharge the smoke, reduce the harm of toxic gases to evacuation, increase visibility and reduce the risk in the process of evacuation.