Pre-Test Questionnaire


1. Which country do you come from?

1. Find the library map?

2. What is your Level of Education? (Masters/PHD)

2. a) Identify the library opening hours for Saturday.

b) Identify the opening hours for multimedia room

3. What is your major?

3. Locate these library floors

a) The western language book circulation room

b) Jiangsu University collected works room

4. How long have you been studying in Jiangsu university?

4. Identify how many books a graduate student can borrow

5. Have you used the English library website before?

5. Identify three library databases on the website

6. If yes, where do you access the website?

6. locate the Chinese homepage

7. For what purpose do you usually access the library website

7. identify a contact of a librarian

8. How often do you access the website?

8. identify three library services

8. a. if No, why?

9. locate one research or teaching assistant

9. Did you ever used your previous university’s academic website in your country?

10. Locate the interlibrary loan service and find their time of operation.