1) “I found the website easily but it’s in Chinese and I can’t locate the library in case I am using this map

2) “Major landmarks around the map should be indicated in English to help easy location”

3) “The landmarks on the map should be translated to English”

4) I have experienced this interruptions before and I don’t know the cause (the map could not fully open after the participant clicked on the map)

1) The system got interrupted when three Asians clicked on the “map” the map could not open

2) One participant had difficulty and kept on searching the “library Service link” for the library map.


1) “Even though I have seen the map I don’t understand it because it’s in Chinese”

2) I Think this object when clicked should show the library map because it looks like a map”(participant saw a map on the page but it was not the library map)

3) “This map can’t help me locate the library I can only see the Chinese characters”

1) One African clicked on the world map which was displayed on the library home page and thought it was the library map

2) Participants were struggling to locate the landmarks closer to the library because it was written in Chinese.