Research Variable Name

Research Variable Type


Online Communities

Independent Variable

A company or business is able to exploit the social media to form a community related to its products/business [5] [14] .


Independent Variable

A Facebook page or Twitter account can notify all its followers of specific subject quickly and simultaneously [5] [10] .

Sharing of Contents

Independent Variable

This factor is about the level that an individual interchange, spreads and accepts content in a social media setting [5] [10] .


Independent Variable

The social media is easily reachable and takes minimum or no costs for usage [5] .


Independent Variable

It is entirely about delivering message in clear way to the individuals, founding credibility for what you say or do, linking emotionally with your target audience, create motive to the buyer and generating loyal customers [5] [14] .

Brand Awareness

Dependent Variable

The strength of the trace of a brand in consumer memory, as reflected by the consumers’ ability to identify the brand under different conditions [15] .