textbook analysis indicators


The content of the textbook is the carrier for the implementation of the curriculum standards. The selection of the content and the organization of the expression must follow the rules of human understanding of things and learning cognition. The analysis of the content of the textbook is an analysis of the coverage and extensibility of the textbooks for each knowledge point and

requirement in the curriculum standards. It can be from the capacity of the textbook content, the core concepts involved in the textbook content, the focus of the textbook content, and the main tools used in the textbook. Aspect analysis.


The layout of textbooks is an important factor in measuring the quality of textbooks. The textbooks are applicable to students. Whether the layout is suitable for students of the current age group to read and use is a problem that textbook writers must consider. The textbook layout analysis can be extended from the overall structure of the textbook (macro layer: the overall frame layout of the textbook) and the layout of the text (middle layer: pointing to the overall presentation of the content of each chapter of the textbook), and expanding the arrangement of knowledge (micro layer : pointing to the presentation of extended knowledge in the textbook), the arrangement of the exercises (micro level: pointing to the presentation of the exercises in the textbook) and other aspects.


The difficulty of the textbook is an important factor affecting the implementation of the textbook. Textbooks are the carrier of teaching and learning, and also the main front of teaching and learning. Therefore, it is especially necessary to consider the difficulty in both teacher teaching and student learning.


Textbooks must have certain characteristics when they are written. Whether the textbooks conform to the development of the new era, whether it meets the requirements for talent cultivation in the development of the state and society, and whether it can reflect the characteristics of the discipline itself can be used as the content of the analysis of the characteristics of the textbook. This set of textbooks is mainly analyzed in terms of forward-looking, policy, operability, scalability, and technical testing.