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Unit 1 recognizes artificial intelligence

1.1 Artificial intelligence around you

1.2 The main drivers of artificial intelligence

Unit 2 Intelligent Robot Preliminary

2.1 Recognize and build intelligent robots

2.2 Sensory and control of the robot

2.3 Let the robot car drive intelligently

2.4 Realizing the Obstacle Avoidance of Robot Cars

2.5 Realize remote interaction and control of robot car

Unit 3 Simple Smart Home System

3.1 Smart Home and Life

3.2 Smart Home Green Lighting

3.3 Smart home audio and air conditioning

3.4 Simple smart home scene mode

3.5 Intelligent Robot Manager

Unit 4 Artificial Intelligence Core Technology

4.1 Machine Learning and Its Applications

4.2 Understanding Artificial Neural Networks

Unit 5 The future of artificial intelligence

5.1 The development direction of artificial intelligence

5.2 Potential value of artificial intelligence

5.3 Artificial Intelligence challenges the legal system and ethics

Chapter 1 Getting to know artificial intelligence

1.1 What is artificial intelligence?

1.2 What can artificial intelligence do for us?

Chapter 2 Understanding Artificial Intelligence Language

2.1 Understanding Prolog

2.2 Using Prolog

2.3 Artificial Intelligence Language Chapter III Representing Knowledge by Computer

3.1 Knowledge and its type

3.2 Introduction to Knowledge Representation

3.3 Common methods of knowledge representation

Chapter IV Using Computer Reasoning

4.1 What is an expert system?

4.2 How does the expert system work?

4.3 How to develop an expert system

Chapter 5 Solving Problems with Smart Search

5.1 Problems that can be solved by searching

5.2 Blind search

5.3 Heuristic search

Chapter VI Development and Future of Artificial Intelligence

6.1 Development of artificial intelligence

6.2 The future of artificial intelligence