Fund name

Set up time


Initiating agency

The main investment areas

Guangdong Green Industry Investment Fund


25 billion yuan

Guangdong Science and Technology Department, Shenzheng Guorong Xinhe Investment company, Hong Kong Jianji International Group company

The government’s public lighting energy conservation projects, green urban lighting

Yichang Green Development Investment Fund


200 billion yuan

Government Yichang, Wuhan Iron and Steel Group Corporation, Changan International Trust Co., Ltd.

Yichang infrastructure projects, energy-saving and environmentally friendly new materials, new energy, etc.

Wei to New Energy and Industrial Development Fund


100 billion yuan

Yangtze River Industry Fund, Weilai Automobile, Donghu High-tech Zone

New energy vehicles, intelligent electric vehicles related industry chain

Guangdong Renewable Energy Industry Fund


30 billion yuan

China Guangdong Nuclear Power, Shenzhen Energy, Mingyang Wind Power, Oriental Shengshi Asset Management Co., Ltd.

Wind power stations, solar power stations, hydropower waste power stations, biomass energy, etc.

Dongding New Energy Industry Fund


30 billion yuan

DongdingXinneng Industrial Capital, Beijing Dongrun Huaneng Technology Co., Ltd.

Photovoltaic, wind power, biomass, energy storage, microgrid, etc.

Xinyinjinfeng Wind Power Industry Fund


22.5 billion yuan

Goldwind Technology, Xinyin Zhenhua Stock Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd.

Domestic small and medium-sized private wind power project company

Huakai Green Industry Fund


1 billion yuan

China Huarong, Sun Kaidi New Energy Group

Green economy industry, sustainable development industry, poverty alleviation industry