University of Oxford

47% of workers in America at high risk of jobs replaced by automation

Price water house coopers

38% of jobs in America, 30% jobs in UK, 21% in Japan and 35% in Germany at risk to automation


ASEAN-5:56% of jobs at risk to automation in the next 20 years


60% of all occupations have at least 30% technically automation activities


OECD average 9% of jobs at high risk. Low risk of complete automation but am important share (between 50% - 70%) of automatable tasks at risk

Roland Berger

Western Europe. 8.3 m jobs lost in industry against 10 m new jobs created in services by 2035

World Bank

2/3 of all jobs in developing countries are susceptible to automation


EU countries between 47% and 54% of jobs are risk of automation