Specific Activities


1. Awareness building on climate change and its consequences

- Consultation meeting with stakeholders

- Group discussion (farmers’ group)

- Video preparation & demonstration

- Stage show of folk song on climate change issues

- Organize technology fair

2. Introduction of vermi-compost & botanical pesticide (low emission agricultural practices) for multiple cropping in social forestry

- Video-mediated learning sessions for building blocks of capacity building processes (video demonstration).

- Day-long learning session comprises three phases-lecture on techniques and benefits of multiple-cropping and social forestry for land management.

- Experimentation by the group members on vermi-compost & botanical pesticide

3. Introduction of soil testing kit

- Providing day-long training on soil testing (N,P,K, C) at BAU campus & distribution of 04 Humbold-BAU soil testing kits in 04 groups

- Experimentation on soil testing

4. Introduction of improve cooker (Bondhu Chula)

- Distribution of improve cooker for reducing amount of fuel wood

- Motivational meeting with the group members to stop illegal logging