Reported cases of papillary carcinoma arising from a thyroglossal duct






Brentano (1911)

Sistrunk (1920)

The surgical management of cysts of the thyroglossal tract.



Tew (1995)

The incidence and pathological features of palpillary thyroid carcinoma arising in the TDC were reviewed and compared with papillary thyroid carcinoma arising elsewhere in the thyroid gland.

The incidence of papillary thyroid carcinoma arising in the TD is no different to that arising elsewhere in the gland. The difference in number of carcinomas related only to the volume of follicular thyroid tissue present in the gland proper. That being the case, there is no reason to treat these cancers differently from papillary thyroid carcinoma elsewhere in the gland.



Sorrenti (1995)

Some Authors thought that these carcinomas were metastases of thyroid carcinomas. Now, following demonstration of normal thyroid tissue occurrence in the wall of thyroglossal ducr cysts, it is almost universally accepted that a carcinoma may arise from thyroglossal remnants. The foci of cancer found in thr thyroid reported in literature are a result of the plurifocality of papillary carcinoma. The Authors suggest that the Sistrunk procedure in an adequate, sufficient treatment if the carcinoma is limited to the cyst’s walls.



Hilger (1995)

The management is discussed on the bases of the current rationale for treatment of thyroid cancer.



Daou (1996)

Controversies exist concerning its nature (cancer of the thyroid or primary cancer of the thyroglossal cyst) and its treatment (Sistrunk’s operation alone or combined with thyroidectomy).



Kwan (1996)



Pathological examination showed both a concurrent papillary carcinoma and a squamous cell carcinoma, Treatment consisted of a near-total thyroidectomy, ablative radioactive iodine and adjuvant external radiation therapy.



Ghaneim (1997)

Thirty pts undergoing surgery for diagnosi of TDC have been reviewed. Sistrunk’s procedure is the operation of choice but when histological examination of a TDC reveals a papillary carcinoma, totsl thyroidectomy should be considered.



Kennedy (1998)

3 cases TDCc, The authors recommend that a thyroglossal duct cyst with a microscopic focus of papilaary carcinoma, without cyst wall invasion, be managed with a Sistrunk procedure. Treatment of all other thyroglossal ducr papillary carcimoma should include removal of all thyroid tissue followed by radioactive iodine treatment.



Vera-Sempere (1998)



Papillary Carcinoma arising from a thyroglossal duct. Sistrunk procedure. Preoperative CT performed showed irregular calcium deposits adjacent to the hyod bone.

Miccoli (1998)

Thyroid ca in a thyroglossal duct cyst: tumor resection alone or accompanied by total thyroidectomy?



O’Connell (1998)

8 pts aged from 14 to 71 years (mean 44.6): 5 M and 3 F: 4 surgical excision; and 3 surgical exicion plus thyroidectomy followed by radioiodine following and only biopsy in one patient with lingual thyroid carcinoma.



Ewing (1999)

11 cases of TDC including 2 cases containing papillary carcinoma.



Kurzen (1999)



Tumor excision, bilateral neck dissection and total thyroidectomy. Histhopatology revealed a dystopic papillary carcinoma in a thyroglossal duct cyst, no abnormalities in the thyroid gland but a metastatic carcinoma was uncovered in ipsilateral lymphonode in the jugular foramen area.



Martins (1999)



Sistrunk procedure. Follow-up 2 years.