Theme 1:

The place of the nursing process in professional practice

- Primordial/important place

- Main focus of health problem solving

“… it is considered as a starting point for better solutions for the care of the sick …”

Theme 2:

Conditions for Implementing the Nursing process.

- Availability of the nurse

- Balance of nurse/patient ratio

- Capacity Building

- Availability of the nursing file

- Individualization of care

- Permanence

- Sufficient time to spend

- Dedication

- Good recruitment of nurses

- work-friendly environment

- make the nurse aware of his role

- train the nurse on the job

“… the nurse must first master the steps and the nurse must be trained, so to be remembed, …”

Theme 3:

Factors that can facilitate the implementation of the nursing process

- Motivation

- Availability of staff

- Knowledge update

- Improvement of the working climate

- Implementation of the nursing file

- Improvement of the esteem and image of the nurse

- Awareness

- Sufficient salary

- Increase in risk premium

- Gratification

- Increase in staff

- Rejuvenating teams

- On-the-job training

- Capacity Building

- Stress reduction

- Facilitate interpersonal relations.

- Defining the actions of nurses

- Make the file available

- Correct filling of the backrest

- Awareness of the nurse

- Considerations by peers and line managers

The nurse ... especially motivated whatever marginalized, a little discriminated, works a little too much and, he receives little, so a little money... he will not work well ...

... also have training ... we all consider ourselves as service providers ...