The importance and priority of the citizens








Industrial wastewater collection

Collect surface runoff

Water and wastewater treatment

Household wastewater and public collection

Supply of clean and sanitation water

Duty scope of water and

wastewater company


Wastewater reuse

Lack of sanitation in public places

Promote public health and prevent disease outbreaks

Collection and disposal of wastewater sewage

Environmental protection, prevention of pollution of groundwater and soil

Purpose is using collection network and wastewater treatment


Revenue decreased of shopkeepers

Damage to public and private property

Endanger the physical and mental health of citizens and workers

Noise pollution and discomfort

Traffic disruptions

Social problems of establishing wastewater network in residential areas


No problem

Clogging pipes

Back home sewage problem (rejection)

Scent at home

Increasing the beetles and insects

The major problems in the operation of the sewerage network


No effect

providing economic welfare of citizens

Providing social welfare of citizens

Environmental Protection

Maintaining Health

And health of citizens

Effect of implementing sewerage network in the lives of citizens


There is no advantage

Economic advantage than absorption wells

Contribute to the implementation of development projects and infrastructure

Maintain the strength of the foundations of buildings

Environmental protection and health promotion

Benefits of buying drainage split


The need to reform home plumbing system

Accountability of current system i.e. cesspools

Fear of further problems such as odor and rejection of waste production

High costs of split wastewater buy

Lack of knowledge

The reasons for wanting to buy a wastewater split


Not wanting to buy a split even when water is stopped

In cash

Not wanting to Buy Split

Using banking facilities

By installments

Priority of purchase type of wastewater split



Typhoid fever


Diarrheal diseases

Infectious diseases

Sewage-borne diseases to humans


The high cost cavity

Traditional and old type

Safety problems related to loss of well

Limited capacity is and early discharge

Soil and groundwater pollution

Because of its usefulness and problems of absorption wells


Books, educational videos

Education in schools, raised by Clergymen in mosques

Posters, pamphlets and publications by the Water and Wastewater Company

Newspapers and magazines

Radio and TV

The best media to educate and increase awareness-raising in the construction of sewerage network


Recoil sewage into building and Beetle Infestation problem solving

Sign up and receive the water branching

Sign up and receive wastewater split

Separate water meter of apartment and condominium

Solving payment of Water and Sewage problems

Doing affairs and receiving services of utilization management clients of living area