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Social and economic data

Urban economy

Data which is produced by urban economic activities or can reflect economic law and situation, is usually calculated with formula and abstracted. It is general figures, such as CPI, GDP, GNP and financial prices. It also contains information of some enterprises which can influence economy.

Social activities

A large number of social dynamic data is contained, such as household registration, social behavior data and so on. Macro data and micro data can both be involved. The deep law of urban social behavior should be explored from them.

Public service data

Public facilities

A large number of related data of public service facilities is contained, such as entertainment, science and education, sports, medical treatment, social security, etc. They are practical and have flavor of life.

Landscape environment

Various types of data which affect the quality of urban living environment, including data of landscape beautifying life, such as parks and green belt, and environmental data related to environmental safety, such as pollutants, air quality, and resource and energy consumption.

Tourism development

These data promotes urban economic and construction, but they often start from the perspective of social services, and provide the public with service resources of tourist attractions and some tourism-related projects.

Urban construction data

Road traffic

Related data resources of urban road traffic planning and construction, transportation, traffic management and others. Part of them has the characteristics of social services, but because they have a direct impact on the layout and shape of city, they are not distinguished between deliberately.

Municipal facilities

These data includes planning, construction and management of municipal facilities except roads and squares, such as hydropower, gas and communication. They are professional.

Land use

Data related to the use of cities and surrounding land, such as land transfer, land parcel trading and geological survey, which is featured by strong professional attributes.

Planning management

Data resources involving planning, design, construction, management and other aspects of the whole city, areas, sites, building monomer, etc., such as park planning, site selection of construction project, etc. They have strong characteristics of entity space carrier and obvious professional attributes and performance.