72) Statistics: strategic tool for development of a nation.

By Nguba Mundala.

73) Interest of the residue theorem in a difficult integration.

By Mululu Lulemire.


March 2009


74) Retaining the feasibility in artisanal heterogeneity in Africa.

By Daniel Mbiye Mukendi.

75) Measurement system of the complexity of an algorithm.

By Daili Kalombo Nshimba.

76) Designing a basic relational data from a computer system.

By Lucid Bula Butumpu.

77) Evaluation study of TIGO targets in DRC (April-November): Equity Research Test marketing mix.

By Medard Nguba Mundala.

78) Impact of artisanal mining and rational management of minerals in an urban environment: the case of the city of Likasi and its surroundings.

By Paul Kakubu Wa Vuvu.

79) The MWASHYA of Lwishaperipheral polygon: case of Kaleba deposit.

By Paul Kakubu Wa Vuvu.

80) The Problem of choosing a data model in solving a management problem.

Elie Louis Kabwe Kionde.


June 2010


81) Application of queuing models in determining the characteristics of hospital capacity (case of the UNHCR/Katuba in 2004).

By Louis Sumba Chenge.

82) Back of Julien KILANGA MUSINDE crank: a duty to remember?

By Jean Kashombo M’tompa.

83) Differences of evaluation and presentation of balance sheet accounts of the OHADA accounting system by international accounting standards.

By John Luandu Tshilenyo Muteba.

84) Frequency of parasitic infections fecally spreaded isolated in the health center ORT―Congo Katuba social care home in Lubumbashi.

By Manya Tsheko, Katumba Mashimabi.

85) Financial diagnosis sketch of the Utex Africa through the multi-annual table of financial flows (2003-2005).

By Clement Masiala Sueka Pola.

86) Construction of a statistical function of classroom language (more more).

By Peter Mutshapa Tujenge.

87) Resolution of generalized integral by the second form of the BELA function.

By Malamba Lubelo.

88) The problem of database in drafting a working end accounting cycle.

By Gerard Kakala Kisimba.


December 2015


89) Diagnostic test of traffic to the post place of Lubumbashi.

Elie Etshiloni Kabaso.

90) The design and implementation of a scientific research project. Lived experience.

By Louis Sumba Chenge.

91) Microcredit, the Lubumbashi women work and the fight against poverty.

By DikasaEngondo.

92) Access to medicines in a mutual system study on mutual health care of agents of Lubumbashi University.

By Umba Kasongo.