48) Logos action plan to the new partnership for African development. What a prospect for the revival of Africa.

By Kabika Etobo.


April 2007


49) The Enlargement of the European Union and the issue of security after the Cold War.

By Kabika Etobo.

50) Strengthening the independence of the prosecutor during the pre-trial investigation. Case of preventive detention.

By Mwanza Mutombo.

51) The frequency of schistosomiasis in the urban area of health of MUYA.

By Tshiondo Shampa.

52) The prevalence of hemorrhoids in women at KITENGE clinic in Mbujimayi.

By Kabumba Kabumba.

53) The death penalty facing the resocialization of the convicted and human dignity in Congolese law.

By Balekelay Mulumba.

54) The role of statistics in the health institutions in the DRC.

By Mukalenge Tshikenda.

55) Divergence between the Congolese accounting system and international accounting standards. IAS/IFRS.

By Jhon Lwandu Muteba.

56) What public enterprise management mode of the DRC must be preconized after the elections?

By Marcel Ilunga Leu.

57) The poverty of the peasants land and social change (case of Kantama, Kalambay and Kalenda Kashile village of Oriental Kasai/DRC).

By Mukonkole Lemba.

58) Governance and industrialization in the DRC. What perspective of the post-Second Republic development?

By Badibanga Mpapa.


April 2007


59) The Congolese contributions and the issue of qualification of political regimes: from CNS to DIC.

By Tshipinda Kasonga.

60) Study of temporal variation in the production of printed fabrics: modeling and forecasting. Case of the Sentex kin/Lubumbashi 2001-2005.

By Mukalenge Tshikenda.

61) Acceptance Profile of intrauterine device in women in Mbuji-Mayi. Case of family planning service of BONJOLA hospital.

By Tshiondo Shampa.

62) Wage growth in the DRC myth or reality? (Case of academic and scientific staff of Mbuji-Mayi).

By Otshudi W’otshudi.

63) The Congolese constitution of the Belgian Congo in the DRC: ciphered kind, statistics and comments.

By Kapinga Ilunga.

64) International financial assistance: brake or accelerator for the development of backward countries.

By Kapinga Ilunga.

65) Planning deal with a country’s development prospects. Case of DRC.

By Mbuyamba Cifuila.

66) Calculating model of clutter of a relational database.

By Bula Butupu.


May 2008


67) The incidence of sexually transmitted diseases.

By Gilbert Ndomba Kamba-Kamba.

68) Application of the ABC approach to inventory management of small and medium business enterprise (case of Kabongo Ngoy institutions).

By Mpanga Matanga.

69) Construction of a translator of the basic language of instruction (case of visual basic Delphi).

By Kalombo Nshimba.

70) Problematic of private investment against the socio-economic development in Oriental Kasai.

By Tresor Jean Malizuku Okungu Osinga.

71) Market study of clothing products in Mbuji-Mayi.

For Tresor Jean Malizuku Okungu Osinga.