By Ilunga Monga.

25) Key climate factors of actual evapotranspiration in region of high Fagnes (Belgium).

By Kalombo Kamutanda.

26) Determination of railway costs by category of trafic. Case of SFE.

By Kasongo Kasongo Wa.

27) Statistics and probability in quantum logic.

By Mutumba Mwembo.

28) Building the averages for math functions.

By Ilunga Monga.


August 1999


29) Regression analysis: validity test of the general linear regression model.

By Ngoy Mwanabute.

30) The PME and development at Katanga.

By Kalam Kamb.

31) The continued depreciation of the Zaire currency and the erosion of purchasing power of the Zairian official. Case of the university teacher. Indices Analysis Test from December 1995 to March 1997.

By Dikasa Engondo.

32) The concept of management accounting in a railway company: Case SNCC.

By Kasongo Wa Kasongo.

33) Time series: a rereading of TFC written to the ISS.

By Kakala Kisimba.


August 2003


34) The Tetela people, Chokwe and Bena-manda facing the undermining of traditional beliefs concerning control of adultery.

By Dikasa Engondo.

35) Creation, organization and evaluation of the African peasantry in Tanganyika district (1950-1960).

By Kalala Tshikanda.

36) Information System of spatial reference: a support system for the management of natural resources.

By Daniel Bavueza Munsana.

37) Use of artificial intelligence in the control of geometric parameters of a railway track.

By Kabeya Mwepu.

38) Hierarchical selection process of discriminating variables by the technique of step by step discriminating analysis in the case of several classes. Cases of man internal medicine to the hospital Send we Lubumbashi.

By Kasongo Ntambwe.


December 2004


39) Promiscuity and the responsibility of parents towards education of their children in urban areas: the case of Congo neighborhood in the town of Ruashi.

By Dikasa Engondo.

40) Modeling references objects spatially.

By Daniel Bavueza Munsana.

41) The problem of wage determination in PMEs against the cost of living in Lubumbashi (January 2001 in May 2003).

By Nkulu Kateba Caleb.

42) New media storages of libraries information in the age of the internet.

By Ilunga Mbidi Kantolotolo.


January 2007


43) Interpretation of a conflict: analysis test of the war in Somalia and possibility to redial.

By Kabika Etobo.

44) From the teaching of humanities in mathematics.

By Mululu Lulemire.

45) Socio-economic profile of the taxi―Moto in Beni Butembo and Gomatown.

By Kasereka Kaghesi.

46) Logistic Analysis of economic growth in a low economy conditions (case of the DRC).

By Nguba Mundala.

47) Risk assessment in the diagnosis of HIV/AIDS infections in Lubumbashi.

By Manya Tsheko.