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October 1990


1) The application of data analysis in determining homogeneous areas of maize crop in central and southern Shaba region.

By Munda Kalenge.

2) How to translate in full letters monetary value?

By Bope Bushebu.

3) Determination of the law binding the fines content at the limit of liquidity.

By Lunda Ilunga.

4) The freedom in independent Africa.

By Muya Bia Lushku Lumuna.

5) Test for formulating a formula to increase salary for public administration.

By Kakala Kisimba.

6) Creativity and cultural destiny: a formal anthropological perspective of the development of Zaire.

By Malemba Mukengeshayi N’sakila.

7) The impact of criteria for selecting candidates on their success in the first statistical graduate.

By Tshitenge Katanga.

8) Optimal allocation of human resources in various activities at each of the levels of scheduling a dynamic program tasks.

By Kimamuka Ruriho.


October 1991


9) Extension of Newton’s formula “RATINGS” to calculate a definite integral and automatictest processing by a basic program.

Leon Mishindo Mbucici.

10) The laser Helieum-Neon and its use in teaching physics laboratory PSI―Lubumbashi.

By Kabamba Mwenda Kazadi.

11) Empirical study of purchasing power parity (PPP) case of Belgicavs USA.

By Nguba Mundala.

12) Newspapers Procurement Policy.

By Bope Bushebu.

13) Signalético-symbolic study of the great spotted DUKE.

By Kazadi Ntambwe.

14) Factor structure of the selection criteria and results in first statistical year.

By Munda Kalenge.

15) Combinatorial analysis software.

By Mikobi Mingambengele.

16) The Africa’s face the issue of development.

By Lunganga Kabundi.

17) Finding an optimal maintenance strategy of an article in a magazine with a rate imposed model. For VFYB 4 × 4 cables cm2 of lasimoirs seat and cabling Gécamines-Operating/Lubumbashi.

For Lenge Muzungu.

18) The pirate market: a curse or an emergency exit?

By Mwepu Myembwe.

19) The computer courses as a measure of student’s intelligence.

By Bope Bushebu.

20) Data analysis methods for coding, by rows in the study assessing the efficacy of antimalarial drugs.

By Kimanuka Ruriho.


June 1998


21) Test of optimal approach of the exploitation of public transport in the private sector in urban areas, in Zaire. Bus Case Mitsubishi and Coster on Ruashi-Lubumbashi line.

By Sumba Chenge.

22) Search for conditional moments at the rank k of realization of negative exponentiell random variable and approximation of its relative range.

23) Problem of index calculation made for consumption (case of application to simulated data in the city of Lubumbashi).

By Sumba Chenge.

24) Model of supply in a price instability situation in the market.