Longitudinal dimension

Horizontal dimension

Freshman input:

Selective mechanism: 1/3 students in D college apply trinity of independent recruitment mode to pick up;

Noticeable: Including family background investigation of students;


1. On the basis of the original teaching documents, set up executive log, record execution of practical teaching and theoretical teaching and execute feedback information and live up to traceable teaching process;

2. Establish adjustment mechanism of talent training program, and systematic technical module course according to investment situation;

Talent cultivation and defect management:

1. Professional import: set up professional background import module in admission stage;

2. Teaching: entrepreneurship module + technical module + entrepreneurial practice;

3. Defect management includes screening, selection, connection and feedback. After finishing entrepreneurial module and technical module, self-evaluation and school evaluation are combined;

Defect management:

1. Evaluate according to entrepreneurial practical teaching quality by school, college and teaching cooperator, student, teacher, entrepreneurial mentor, and alumnus platform members (Due to undergraduate teaching traits in entrepreneurial management, entrepreneurial practical teaching is the priority among priorities);

2. Pay attention to inputting course module management (finished by entrepreneurial mentors);

3. Establish the bi-directional evaluation mechanism; the college will evaluate learning situation of students and students evaluate the professional teaching in the college;

4. Open the path for students to change a major; namely every student has two chances to change a major after bi-directional evaluation;

5. Continue maintaining entrepreneurial alumnus platform and gather entrepreneurial teaching resources;

Graduation output:

Establish alumnus seed money and entrepreneurial mentor library, and create entrepreneurial alumnus platform;

(Including entrepreneurial project connection, Angel investment, Entrepreneurial practical teaching base)