1) Were you fit for purpose when you started work?

2) What were the big issues, where you felt unprepared for work?

3) Can you tell me about any specific ethical issues that cropped up for you as an intern? Probe into patient consent issues/Resuscitation, end of life issues/legal issues

4) Did you ever feel out of your depth with time management or job prioritisation issues? Ask re Bleep systems issues/On-call

5) Do you know your limits (management, clinical skills)?/On-call

6) How did you find the work environment? If complex how so? Probe Nursing and others

7) How were your I.T skills? Probe into administration tasks, typing skills, Radiology/lab systems

8) How did you manage with your clinical ward skills (examples taking blood, ABG, IV lines, Urinary catheters, N/G tubes etc.). Ask about suturing?

9) Did you ever feel out of your depth with these clinical ward skills

10) Can I ask about how you feel about your IV drug skills (prescribing, putting together, giving doses)?