Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English

1. A person or company that represents another person or company, especially in business; 2. someone who finds work for actors, musicians etc, or who finds someone to PUBLISH a writers’ work; 3. someone who works for a government or police department, especially in order to get secret information about another country or organization; 4. technical a chemical or substance that is used for a particular purpose or that has a particular effect; 5. someone or something that affects or changes a situation.

Shoter Oxford English Dictionary

1. A person who or thing which produces an effect; (the cause of) a natural force or effect on matter; 2. A person who acts for another in business, politics, etc.; 3. The material cause or instrument; 4. A person who or thing which acts or exerts power spec in GRAMMAR, the entity performing the action of the verb Opp. patient or instrument.


Cobuild English-Chinese Dictionary

An agent is 1.1 someone who you pay to do business or look after your affairs on your behalf. 代理人; 代表. 1.2 someone who arranges work for actors, musicians, etc., in return for a fee. 演员, 音乐家等的)经纪人. 1.3 a person or company who represents a government, organization, or another company in a particular place. 代理商; 公司代表; 政府代表. 1.4 someone who works for a country’s secret service. 间谍; 特务; 情报员. 1.5 a person, power, or force which has a particular effect or influence, or which is the means or cause of something happening. 动力; 因素; 媒介; 工具 1.6 a chemical or substance which causes a change in other chemicals or substances which it is in contact with. 剂; 作用剂

Concise Oxford English-Chinese Dictionary

1. a person that provides a particular service, typically one organizing transactions between two other parties代理人,代理商; a person who manages financial or contractual matters for a performer, writer or sportsperson经纪人 2. a person who works in secret to obtain information for a government 特工, 间谍 3. a person or thing that takes an active role or produces a specified effect动原, 能因, 使然力> Grammar: the doer of an action施事 4. Computing: an independently operating Internet program, typically one that performs background tasks such as information retrieval or processing on behalf of a user or other program 代理程序DERIVATIVES派生词 agentive adj (Grammar<语法>) ORIGIN词源ME: from L. agent-, agere ‘to do