The contrast between the current state of the United States and China, especially about COVID and the economy, has got to be a huge resource for Xi in terms of domestic support.


China gives unproven COVID-19 vaccines to thousands, with risks unknown.


Authoritarian Strategy: Effective, but Suffocating. China’s approach to keep COVID-19 at bay has helped restore confidence and allowed businesses to reopen.


Now, as a new COVID-19 wave engulfs Europe and the United States, the organization is in the middle of a geopolitical standoff between the world’s two greatest powers, the United States and China.


China aims to end extreme poverty, but COVID-19 exposes gaps.


China’s early efforts to fight the spread of COVID-19, including lengthy lockdowns across broad areas of the country, left rural residents stranded hundreds of miles from the factories where they work.


Party propaganda has asserted that China’s success in extinguishing COVID-19 infections shows its overall “institutional superiority.”


China Peddles Falsehoods to Obscure Origin of COVID Pandemic. To push the idea that the virus didn’t come from China, the government has misrepresented experts’ remarks and given dubious theories...


By some measures, China is leading the global race for a COVID-19 vaccine


Alas, we aren’t who we think we are. COVID-19 was supposed to be China’s Chernobyl. It’s ended up looking more like the West’s.