Type of policy

Major tasks and provisions


Public health Services and Ethiopian national health Policy

Sanitation standards and small-scale drinking water system constructions and latrines in rural areas


Water supply and sanitation policy

Implement and treat the waste


Environmental policy

Environmental pollution control


The health extension program was started

Mandate major activities to encourage sanitation and hygiene and establish a monitoring and evaluation system, as well as the execution of a countrywide water supply, sanitation, and hygiene.


Developed the national on-site sanitation strategy, signed the national memorandum of understanding, initiated the national WASH campaign, and employed health extension staff.

It puts forward three strategic pillars for improved sanitation and hygiene: creating an enabling environment, sanitation, and hygiene promotion, and improved access to hardware.


National hygiene and on-site sanitation protocol developed

Progress made in improving Sanitation & Health and implementation and future directions.


Waste management policy

The proclamation confers on waste management or sanitation.


National sanitation and hygiene strategic action plan

The strategy primarily focuses on hygiene and sanitation that is implemented for the wastes handling mechanism.