Verbatim quotes

Training needs

Perioperative care

Cardio pulmonary resuscitation


Peritoneal dialysis

Interpretation of laboratory results

1) There are some procedures I am not comfortable with such as caring for a patient undergoing surgery

2) We need more practice with invasive procedures such as peritoneal dialysis

3) I am not comfortable suturing big wounds

4) I need to master interpretation of lab results

Strategies to enhance readiness to practice

Introducing more clinical practice

Allow students to specialise in the final year

Have more simulations

Extend support to graduates

Avail more counselling and career guidance

1) There should be more time in clinical practice. Assisting students in carrying out procedures in clinical area. Close supervision of students in practice and making sure the students have managed to carry out most if not all procedures in the clinical area.

2) The four-year program period post A level is enough to allow BScN graduates to come out with clearly documented specialisations in Midwifery, Critical Care, Community health, Anesthesiology, Oncology according to preferences.

3) A support system for graduates

Compulsory rotation of specialty areas for new graduates e.g. every 4 - 6 months

4) Make counselling & more carrier guidance services readily available