Vocabulary and Grammatical Points

1) A new game

You can..., but you can’t…, suffix: -ball, recording words

2) What do you want to do with money?

irregular verbs, prepositions, recording words

3) Ghosts, grub and adventure

words for food and containers, quantifiers, countable & uncountable nouns, pronouns

4) Lucky to be alive

comparatives, word families of adj. & n., using a dictionary

5) Who made it first? Inventors and inventions.

word families of v. & n., compounds

6) The report of a young adventurer

adjectives (-ed, -ing), guessing the meaning of new words, recording words

7) Space travel

pronouns (it, they, this, these)

8) Sports reports

word families of sports & people

9) We’re organizing a rescue.

possessive pronouns (mine, ours, etc.), word families of weather

10) Farming

pronouns, synonyms, linking words