Personnel Welfare

Extend a thorough webinar presentation with intense monitoring. Creating a small group demonstration is hereby recommended to follow the restriction imposed by the national government

Resource speaker from the Department of Health (DOH)

The office or department duly responsible for airing and facilitating such webinar

Present up to the extent that the pandemic ends

Few otherwise favorable doubling rate

Policies/ Guidelines and Restrictions

To simplify the guidelines and restrictions of the university

Reengineering the policies and guidelines of the universities by improving the health benefits and privileges of the employees focusing on proper encouragement of revealing the actual feelings and predicaments.

Create different webinars to eliminate the stigma or the negative psychological impact of pandemic

The institution must provide a vivid, comprehensive, precise and licit rules and regulations for those employees with COVID cases and/or for those employees with direct contact with co-workers, relatives and other with positive status.

The institution must eliminate the stigma of losing the job or not having a salary as barrier of stating the actual predicament that the employees are facing.

The Work from Home arrangement must serve as a privilege and not as a burden by simplifying the guidelines avoiding this endeavor a barrier of not stating the actual facts

The Security Guard must enforce the proper health protocols to all stakeholders of the university―no one is excuse for the virus excuses no one.

Multi-disciplinary taskforce for Policy Revision and implementation

Human Resources Management Office

The Board of Trustees/Regents

The University Physician

Present up to the extent that the pandemic ends

Escalation of the number of employees reporting the actual health status and exposures