Areas of Consideration for Triangulation




Responsible Agency/Department

Time Frame

Success Indicator

Facilities and Equipment

To improve the existing facilities by harmoniously adapting the enhanced rules and regulations

Benchmark to other institutions with commendable or remarkable performance in terms of advancement of technology.

Given the perspective of walk-ins and volume of population, the universities walk-in transactions is almost equitable or comparable to the potentials of health facilities, thus building triage for walk-in transactions are hereby recommended, likewise, if it is not possible to enact a triage due to a very limited resources, the universities are also encouraged to create a certain booth for through interview using the instrument utilized by different health care facilities

Maximizing electronic transaction to minimize the operational cost of the institution and allowing some workforce to do or to serve at home especially those who are involved in the task. Instruction, research and contemporary design of extension activities can be made on online platforms―thus, an effective tool to decongest offices without jeopardizing operational outputs.

A multi-disciplinary taskforce for benchmarking

The identified tools and equipment necessary for building triage

Budget Office

Procurement Office

A Multi-disciplinary taskforce

Present up to the extent that the pandemic ends

Few otherwise favorable doubling rate