1993 edition

1997 edition

2000 edition

2008 edition

2017 edition

Dimensionless Division

1. Basic operation and concept of computer

2. The individual and professional practice of Technology

3. Application of technology in Teaching

1. Technical operation and concept

2. Design learning environment and experience

3. Teaching, learning and Curriculum

4. Evaluation and evaluation

5. Work efficiency and professional practice

6. Social and ethnic laws and issues of social and ethnic minorities

1. Promote and motivate the learning and creativity of Science

2. Learning and evaluation of design and development in digital age

3. Become a model of work and learning in the digital age

4. Enhance citizen awareness and sense of responsibility in the digital age, and become a model

5. Focus on professional growth and leadership

1. learner

2. leader

3. citizen

4. collaborators

5. designer

6. Promoters

7. Analyst