Halm et al. 1993 [7]

International Journal of food microbiology

Unintentional food restriction

They did not specify parameters of food restriction

Schenker 2003 [8]

Nutrition Bulletin

Under nutrition is BMI < 20 kg/m2

The definition was given with reference to BMI but attributes and antecedents were not given

de Groot et al. 2017 [9]

Wiley on line library

Gave some antecedents as price hikes and poverty causing food shortages

Moore 2004 [10]

Journal of Nutrition

Protein energy deficiency

Did not give the antecedents but definition only

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Public Health Nutrition

Malnutrition is the result of lack or access in the provision of energy and/nutrients to the body

Undernourishment results in malnutrition

Ahmed et al. 1998 [12]

Journal of biosocial science

Chronic energy deficit resulting in a body mass index < 18.5

The definition was given in terms of BMI calculation but no antecedents or attributes were given