Herbert Allen Giles: Version 1

Lin Yutang: Version 2

Xu Yuanchong: Version 3

You ask when I’m coming: alas not just yet...

How the rain filled the pools on that night when we met!

Ah, when shall we ever snuff candles again,

And recall the glad hours of that evening of rain?

You ask how long before I come. Still no date is set.

The night rains on Mount Pa swell the autumn pool.

When shall we, side by side, trim a candle at the west window,

And (we) talk to the time of the night rains on Mount Pa?

You ask me when I can return, but I don’t know;

It rains in western hills and autumn pool o’er-flow.

When can we trim by

window side the candlelight

And talk about the western hills in rainy night?