Using a familiar and clear language

Place your focus on person’s abilities and skills.

Macronivel (life plan) interventions

Sharing decisions with users, friends, family, professionals.

Come to people within your community and usual context

Encourage people in the context of social services.

Access people discovering common experiences.

Sketch a desirable lifestyle with an unlimited number of desirable experiences.

Focus on the quality of life

Equipment to solve problems (assistive technology)

Accountable to those who work directly to make good decisions

Organize actions in the community to include users, family and workers.

Responding to basic needs in shared responsibilities and commitment

Services can adapt and respond to people.

The resources can be distributed to serve the interests of the people.

New initiatives and creativity to find solutions

Handling clinical language and technicalities

Focus on deficits and needs

Microlevel intervention (pathologies).

The decisions depend fundamentally on the professionals.

Distance people by emphasizing their differences.

Program planning with a limited number of options.

Focus on covering “places” that a service offers.

Trust in standard interdisciplinary teams.

Dependent work: “I work for those who work directly”

Organize meetings for professionals.

Responding to basic needs in the description of the job posts

Without creativity and limited to a previously fixed menu.

Maintain professional interests.

New initiatives alone can be implemented on a large scale