Sub-components (variables for analysis)


Seasonal rainfall variability

Ÿ Onset of seasonal rainfall

Ÿ Cessation seasonal rainfall

Ÿ Within-season dry spell

Ÿ Seasonal mean rainfall


Food security status

Ÿ Number of months a household go without three meals per day in a year

Ÿ Availability of seeds for next planting season

Ÿ Availability of stock of harvest to last up to the next harvesting time

Adaptive capacity

Socio-demographic profile

Ÿ Education level of households’ heads

Ÿ Gender of households’ heads

Livelihood strategies

Ÿ Availability of off-farm income

Ÿ Availability of surplus income

Social networks

Ÿ Access to early warning climate information

Ÿ Access to relief food