EM coil Parameters

D9 Tube and SS316 L (N) plug parameters

Copper driver parameters


(Be-1.8% - 2%)

Number of discs-4

Effective turns (N)-3

Inductance-400 ηH

Active length (L)-18 mm

Conductivity-30% IACS

Yield strength-800 Mpa

D9 Tube:- (20% CW)

OD (2r0)-21.4 mm

ID-20 mm

Thickness (t)-0.7 mm

Length-40 mm

Yield strength (Y)-795 Mpa

Conductivity (σ)-2% IACS

SS316 L N) Plug:-

Dia-19.95 mm

Length-30 mm

Taper Length-18 mm

Taper Angle-5˚ - 10˚

Stand-off distance? 0.0, 0.5 mm, 1.0 mm

Case-1 (40 kJ Bank)

OD-23.4 mm


Length-23 mm

Case-2 (180 kJ Bank)

OD-22.6 mm


Length-23 mm

Vacuum Annealing Temperature rise upto 550˚C @ 5˚C/min and Natural cooling afterwards