1. Importance of sexuality communication

-self awareness

-protect self from the effects of youth

-make informed decisions

-avoid risky behaviour

2. Appropriate age to start communication on sexuality

-before puberty

-at puberty

-after puberty

3. Information to be communicated

-protective (aspect) of sexuality: (abstaining from sex, avoiding risky behaviour, avoiding drugs, avoiding alcohol and tobacco use, wearing respectful clothing, staying away from bad influence, resisting peer pressure, learning about condom use and contraception, building life skills)

-associated risk (aspect) of sexuality: (STIs, HIV and teenage pregnancy)

4. Preferred person to talk about sex


-school teacher



5. Barriers of communication on matters related to sex

-fear by parent/adolescent

-unhelpful norms

-unconstructive beliefs

-lack of RH knowledge

-too much love

-poor relationship

-lack of survival skills

-negative attitude

-adolescents do not listen

-lack of time to talk

-too young to be told

-living with a single parent