Measure Item (Question)


1. Corporate Governance

Q1. My Company advocates and acts upon the principles of operational transparency.

1. CSR Demand, (2013)

2. Tsmc, (2014)

Q2. My Company respects for shareholder rights.

Q3. A sound and effective Board of Directors is one basis for successful corporate governance.

2. Corporate Commitment

Q4. My Company provides the best service to customers.

Q5. My Company builds a “green supply chain.”

Q6. My Company takes care employee, builds safe, health workplace.

3. Social Contribution

Q7. Sponsorship to support activities if needed by my Company.

1. Ness, (1992)

2. CSR Demand, (2013)

Q8. My Company Long-term concern in social issues.

1. Ness, (1992)

2. CSR Demand, (2013) 3. Tsmc, (2014)

Q9. My Company helps society through Volunteer Program.

4. Environmental Protection

Q10 My Company does the utmost to achieve environmental sustainability.

1. Ness, (1992)

2. CSR Demand, (2013) 3. Tsmc, (2014)

Q11 My Company produces Green Product with green manufacturing process.

Q12My Company tracks new developments in global environmental issues, also takes the lead in adopting new environmentally-friendly measures.