Variable type

Variable name

Level variable

Users amount, editors amount, entries amount, edit frequency, the attraction

Rate variable

The increment of users, the decrement of users, the increment of editors, the decrement of editors, the increment of entries, the editing frequency of new entries, the increased attraction, the decreased attraction

Auxiliary variable

the number of Chinese netizen, effective contact coefficient1, non-users amount, the conversion factor of users, the increased attraction of users increment, the decreased attraction of users demission, effective contact coefficient 2, non-editors amount, the conversion factor of editors, the increased attraction of editors increment, the decreased attraction of editors demission, the difficulty of creating potential entries, the conversion factor of entries amount, the increased attraction of entries increment, entries quality, the difficulty of improving entries quality, the conversion factor of editing frequency, the increased attraction of edit frequency increment, improved effect, promotional effect, the attraction of external peer organization, the threaten external peer organization perceived, the competition from external peer organization


Infection rate1, contact coefficient 1, users demission coefficient, infection rate 2, contact coefficient 2, editors demission coefficient, difficulty regulatory factor 1, entries create coefficient, entries edit coefficient, difficulty regulatory factor 2, improved coefficient, promotional coefficient, the decreased attraction of competition